NEK of the Woods

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Known to many Vermonters simply as "The Kingdom" the Northeast Kingdom (NEK) encompasses three counties in Vermont's northeastern corner. Its reputation is one of vast, untouched wilderness, hardy folk, and, most recently, the epic Kingdom Trails mountain biking network.

Designed by Kingdom resident and artist Kaitlynn Miller, a little bit about her inspiration for the design -

“One particular activity that keeps growing in the region is mountain biking and the Northeast Kingdom has become a mecca for the sport. I also wanted to share the unique and eye-catching Willoughby Gap formed by Mount Pisgah (left) and Mount Hor (right) with Burke Mountain in the divide.”

  • Peel and stick embroidered patch (NO iron or sewing necessary)

  • Machine washable

  • Dimensions: 2.5” diameter

*A portion of the proceeds are donated to a local nonprofit in Vermont and to the artist that designed this patch, scroll down for more details on your impact - #givewhereyougo

Where your money goes

With an increasing number of companies pledging x % of their profits to charity, it can be hard to tell how much impact your purchase is really making. We’d rather things be clear as sunrise on a mountain top, after a long hike with good friends, and some coffee….mmm. What were we talking about again?


  • ~$1 to artists and designers
  • ~$2 to grassroots nonprofits
  • ~$2 materials and manufacturing


The rest of your purchase goes towards everything else that it takes to run a business including office space, fulfillment, storage, labor costs, taxes, etc.


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