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  • Artist Spotlight: Jesse Wulfman

    Artist Spotlight: Jesse Wulfman

    Jesse Wulfman is a Burlington-based artist who attributes her own creativity, imagination, and love for the outdoors to her childhood growing up on a farm, in a 500-person town, in rural Vermont. In this small town called Ripton, with no...

  • Give where you go.

    Give where you go.

    Tourism accounts for 10% of global GDP and employs 1 in 10 people across the world (1). That makes travelers serious drivers of economic and human development, something that’s been highlighted by the UN as an enormous opportunity for achieving...

  • How to travel plan for COVID

    How to travel plan for COVID

    It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the personal, legal, and perhaps moral considerations at play if you’re starting to think about traveling again. We feel ya. While we can offer no specific advice as to what is or is not...

  • Making a Change

    Making a Change

    Some of you asked us why we go to such great lengths to highlight individual changemakers. How exactly do they fit into our broader mission of increasing travel-based giving to nonprofits? Well, at Outpatch we believe strongly in the power...

  • Why we need to re-think nonprofit fundraising

    Why we need to re-think nonprofit fundraising

    If you occasionally venture outside your home, onto the internet, or check your mail chances are you’ll encounter an organization soliciting you for donations. This may vary from the more traditional Salvation Army volunteer standing in the freezing rain with...

  • Planning a COVID safe trip to Vermont

    Planning a COVID safe trip to Vermont

    Vermont. Greatest state of all time? Arguably of all COVID-time at least. Thanks to it’s prudent quarantine measures, low density, and indomitable people, the state has seen some of the lowest transmission and mortality rates in the country. This, paired...