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  • Why do we give to charity?

    Why do we give to charity?

    Let’s talk about giving. Cynics say we give to make ourselves feel good, optimists think it’s to make the world a better place, religion says God(s) told us to, and Marxists say we give to mask the oppression of the...

  • Explore the Outdoors in VA

    Explore the Outdoors in VA

    With the launch of our new Virginia patch this week, it seemed like the perfect time for us to share some advice about how to explore the captivating but underappreciated outdoors of the state. Considering I just made my own...

  • Artist Spotlight: Cecily Anderson

    Artist Spotlight: Cecily Anderson

    Set in Central Vermont the town of Tunbridge is framed by beautiful hills and sits on the First Branch of the White River. In our humble (and subjective) opinion it’s one of the most beautiful places to be in the...

  • Artist spotlight: Pat Hamilton

    Artist spotlight: Pat Hamilton

    Patrick AKA Paddy Hams is an illustrator and graphic designer currently based in Richmond, Virginia. He loves smart design, sweating the details, using a little humor, and taking some risks. In addition to illustration and design, he enjoys playing and...

  • Artist spotlight: Nori Rinaldo

    Artist spotlight: Nori Rinaldo

    Nori loves seeking out new adventures and spending time outside and is obsessed with biking, skiing, doing yoga, and surfing. These activities are important components in her creative practice. She is based in Portland, Oregon, where she is surrounded by...

  • Artist Spotlight: Jessica Clifford

    Artist Spotlight: Jessica Clifford

    Jessica hails from Cornish, NH and was the designer of our first New Hampshire travel patches. Below, she tells us a little more about herself and what inspired her designs. Today as a full-time artist, I am focused on fine...