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Our story

Outpatch was founded on the premise that community-led change is the most effective pathway to a better, more equitable, and more free world. Which is why we're getting these local changemakers the funds they need with the help of conscious consumers like you.


We are proud of our low-profit LLC (L3C) status which allows us to operate as a for-profit structure with a charitable purpose. What this means in practice is that what we sell is directly linked to our mission of increasing direct funding to local nonprofits. Businesses should better the world and that’s what we intend to use ours for.


A world where nonprofits can spend less time fundraising and more time on their mission.


Turn plastic bottles into beautiful patches that benefit nonprofits.


Put community at the heart of everything we do. Amplify the unseen. Be good ancestors.


Rachel Willis



Passionate team-builder, and veteran. Head of Outpatch's growth and design.


How they met

Though the picture above pretty accurately captures their relationship at first, Henry and Rachel eventually emerged as a cohesive leadership team, not to mention the best of friends. Seven years later they're working together again and having an absolute blast.


Henry Rosario



Patch aficionado, and veteran. Head of Outpatch's operations and strategy.

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