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  • Best places to hike around Washington

    Best places to hike around Washington

    While Washington State may seem distant for many of us, the incredible range of hikes that this state offers means it’s well worth the hike to get there. Its location in the Pacific Northwest gives it a uniquely diverse landscape:...

  • Artist Spotlight: Kate George

    Artist Spotlight: Kate George

    Here at Outpatch, we’ve been following Kate’s work and knew her illustrations would make the perfect little PNW-inspired patches (and in our humble opinion… they are). Based in Seattle, WA, her work is influenced by the great outdoors with playful...

  • Swag for Good

    Swag for Good

    Who doesn’t love swag?  While there are lots of things that might come to your mind with “swag”, I’m talking about the promotional products that companies and organizations give out. Whether it’s a t-shirt, water bottle, or anything else that...

  • The Overtourism Dilemma

    The Overtourism Dilemma

    After over a year of being confined to our homes, people around the world are thrilled to take advantage of new opportunities to travel safely. In some ways, this release of our pent-up energy for exploration is exactly what the...

  • Join the live local movement

    Join the live local movement

    We’ve all heard about the significance of supporting local businesses, especially over the past year. When so many shops and restaurants had to temporarily close their doors, people everywhere needed to help those businesses in creative ways to get them...

  • How to Leave No Trace With Your Outdoor Gatherings

    How to Leave No Trace With Your Outdoor Gatherings

    A New Era of Environmentalism While the summer is always filled with fun and relaxation, this summer will feel like even more of a celebration than usual. As vaccinations increase and the coronavirus pandemic seems to be finally winding down,...