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  • Social Entrepreneurship: Fad or Future?

    Social Entrepreneurship: Fad or Future?

    In our fast-paced world of fads and trends, it sometimes feels like “the next big thing” comes and goes in a matter of days. “Social entrepreneurship” might seem like just another example of one of these temporary buzzwords. When we...

  • Regenerative Travel

    Regenerative Travel

    Future of Travel: How one new approach to travel plans to change the world. What is regenerative travel? Since the New York Times published their article, “Move Over, Sustainable Travel. Regenerative Travel Has Arrived” the conscious travel world has been...

  • Artist Spotlight: Kika MacFarlane

    Artist Spotlight: Kika MacFarlane

    When we first reached out to Kika asking if she would design our Wyoming patches, we held our breath in anticipation. We’re massive fans of Kika’s work here at Outpatch and thought all her designs would embroider beautifully… turns out...

  • 10 Ideas on Where to Stick Your Patches

    10 Ideas on Where to Stick Your Patches

    So, you bought this awesome patch as a memorable keepsake and as a way to give back to the places you’ve been. Now what do you put it on? Here are 10 ideas from us on what to stick your...

  • Artist Spotlight: Alex Yarrish

    Artist Spotlight: Alex Yarrish

    You can’t spell Outpatch without PA… at least that’s what Alex Yarrish thinks. Alex is a designer, photographer, & adventurer based in York, PA who we recently collaborated with on Pennsylvania patches. We recently sat down with him and chatted...

  • Business as a Force for Good: Circular Bodies

    Business as a Force for Good: Circular Bodies

    If you follow Outpatch, you know we’re big advocates of doing business “the right way.” We’re inspired by brands that prioritize their social impact—either within their community or through sustainable products—over making money. We recently connected with Dominique, founder of...