10 Ideas on Where to Stick Your Patches

10 Ideas on Where to Stick Your Patches

So, you bought this awesome patch as a memorable keepsake and as a way to give back to the places you’ve been. Now what do you put it on? Here are 10 ideas from us on what to stick your Outpatches on.

  1. Water Bottle

  2. Bags- Suitcase, duffel bag, backpack, bike pack

  3. Phonecase

  4. Hats- Baseball cap, Trucker hat, beanie, ski helmet… ALL the hats

  5. Clothing- Jacket, sweatshirt, tee

  6. Journal- Cover that travel journal with the places you’ve been

  7. Passport Holder

  8. Cooler

  9. Camping Chairs

  10. Pennant- Keep a collection of where you’ve been altogether

Applying your patch to an item is easy, just peel the paper backing off, stick your patch on your item and apply pressure, and seal it with heat from a blow dryer. No sewing, no ironing, no fuss!

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