Artist Spotlight: Kika MacFarlane

Artist Spotlight: Kika MacFarlane

When we first reached out to Kika asking if she would design our Wyoming patches, we held our breath in anticipation. We’re massive fans of Kika’s work here at Outpatch and thought all her designs would embroider beautifully… turns out we were right! To our surprise, it took no convincing for the Colorado-native and Wyoming-based artist to quickly come up with FOUR epic designs inspired by her adventures around the Cowboy State. We recently sat down with Kika to chat about her artistic journey and the inspiration behind these patches…

Can you tell me a little bit about your journey to becoming an artist? How would you describe your work? What influences your work?

I’ve always been an artist and illustrator - even long before I was calling myself one or realizing that it was a valid career path. Growing up I also loved math and engineering, and eventually realized that design is the best combination of these two things. This realization sparked a lifelong passion for me, that I turned into a career creating illustrations, animations, and graphics. My work is definitely bright and whimsical. I love exploring color palettes, inviting play into my process, and being an imperfections when it comes to art. My work is also very influenced by the environment around me and the things I love to do. I grew up in Colorado, and now live in Wyoming, and am an avid skier and climber. Much of my art is trying to capture the magic I feel when I’m outside into a design.

What was your inspiration behind the patch?

I’m so excited about these 4 Wyoming and Jackson Hole-based patches. This part of the world is so special to me - the stunning jagged peaks, the incredible wildlife, and the sparse rolling hills that run across Wyoming. Living in Jackson Hole, I’m so lucky to be close to two amazing national parks, Yellowstone and Grand Teton, and watching people come from around the world and fall in love with these places is pretty special too. I hope the four patches I made reflect the magic of the natural world in this place, and the awe that everyone who comes here feels.

What is your favorite charity/grassroots org to support?

I’m a firm believer in supporting local causes and organizations, and luckily Jackson Hole has no shortage of amazing nonprofits serving the community. I’m very stoked that profits from these patches are going back to Slow Food In The Tetons, a nonprofit that connect Jackson Hole to local food. 

Another organization I love to support and work with is Coombs Outdoors. Coombs empowers local youth to grow and thrive by reducing barriers to outdoor recreation through programs, mentorship, and community building. I’ve been a volunteer with them for 3 winters, and love watching more kids from our community fall in love with skiing and the outdoors.

Anything else you may want Outpatch customers to know about you, your work, and these patches?

I spent too long not believing in myself, or valuing my own creativity. I hope everyone knows that creativity is the most valuable thing, and that if you believe in yourself others will believe in you!


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