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  • Humanitarian Patches: funding underfunded emergencies

    Humanitarian Patches: funding underfunded emergencies

    In browsing our store, you might notice a stark contrast between our travel patches and what we call our humanitarian patches. Our travel patches are a classic souvenir that we improved upon, both with our stick-on adhesive but primarily through...

  • Changemaker Spotlight: Bridget Moix

    Changemaker Spotlight: Bridget Moix

    With the launch of our Peace line of patches, we couldn’t be more excited to highlight our newest partnership with an organization that aligns deeply with our own mission and values. The proceeds from this line will benefit Peace Direct,...

  • Artist Spotlight: Bridget Coleman

    Artist Spotlight: Bridget Coleman

    Bridget is a Portland-based queer artist who would describe her work as colorful and validating. She is often influenced by her own relationships, mental health, her identity as a queer woman, and queer media. Can you tell me a little...

  • Artist Spotlight: Ally Morici

    Artist Spotlight: Ally Morici

    When creating our pride line of patches, it was important for us to collaborate with an artist that was part of the LGBTQIA+ community. Enter Ally Morici. Once we started collaborating with Ally on a pride patch, we couldn’t wait...

  • What is Rainbow Capitalism and what can we do about it

    What is Rainbow Capitalism and what can we do about it

    In case you haven’t already heard of this idea, “rainbow capitalism” is when companies take advantage of the LGBTQ movement for their own profit. Basically, it’s the epitome of an empty gesture: rather than truly seeking to make a positive...

  • Explore the Outdoors in NH

    Explore the Outdoors in NH

    If you asked me two years ago to tell you a single thing about the state of New Hampshire, I probably would have responded with a blank stare. Besides every four years when the presidential primaries come around, you really...