Artist Spotlight: Alyssa Shaw

Artist Spotlight: Alyssa Shaw


Can you tell me a little bit about your journey to becoming an artist?

 From the earliest depths of my childhood memories, all I wanted to be in life was an artist. Rarely was there a time that you wouldn’t find me with some kind of pencil, paintbrush, or sketchbook in hand. My first unofficial “business endeavor” was braiding friendship bracelets and selling them to friends and family at the age of 13. The next year of 2011, I started an Etsy shop. I experimented with a variety of art mediums, from painting, polymer clay sculpting, sewing, jewelry making and everything in between. (whatever shiny new hobby that happened to catch the attention of my “always-wanting-to-try-new-things” teenage mind!) My interests ebbed and flowed over the years, but painting & digital design are the mediums that really stuck over the years and shaped me into who I am today. Now, at the age of 25, I'm creating art as much as ever and am constantly gathering inspiration from the adventures I go on!

What influences your work?

 I feel most authentic when creating art based on dreamy landscapes of places that I have experienced firsthand- While painting, each brush stroke reminds me of the sunshine on my skin or the light breezes that shape the clouds in beautiful ways. I tend to paint with colors slightly more bold & vivid than reality- embodying the memories and emotions felt when enjoying the serenity of nature as I bring myself back into that precise moment. My digital artwork embodies this as well, in a more simplified style. I hope that my work will spark something in you to go on adventures and never take a moment in nature for granted!

What was your inspiration behind each patch?

Going-to-the-Sun Road Patch: This patch was designed with my favorite national park in mind - Glacier! While driving along this road, the views in every direction are completely awe inspiring. Whether it's the alpenglow on the mountain peaks or the wildflowers blanketing the landscape, Glacier is a sight to behold!

Montana Mountain Goat Patch: One of my favorite animals in Montana is the mountain goat. With their white coats of fur that blend into the snow, not only do they look cool, but they can easily find their way up the most precarious mountainsides. Did you know they can jump 12 feet in a single bound?

Lone Peak Patch: Located in Big Sky, Montana, at 11,166' elevation, Lone Peak is a mountain best known for its ski slopes. There's nothing like hitting a run on a winter bluebird day!

What is your favorite charity/grassroots org to support?

My favorite organization to support is The Glacier National Park Conservancy. They work hard to preserve and protect the park for future generations. They also put forward a lot of amazing and interesting educational content for the public - and I'm the kind of person who loves to learn! In 2021 I had the pleasure of being included in their annual Backpacker's Ball, which was an art auction that raised funds for their cause. I love everything they do and find their work so necessary for keeping Glacier beautiful & wild!

Anything else you may want folks to know about you, your work, and these patches?

These patches were such a joy to create. I hope that my work will spark something in you to go on adventures and never take a moment in nature for granted!


Check out more of Alyssa’s work- Hikingbird Creative

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