It's Rainier in WA

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Designed by Seattle-based artist Kate George, this patch captures Washington’s most iconic peak, Mt. Rainier. Originally referred to as Tacoma or Tahoma, meaning “mother of waters” by indigenous tribes in the area, all you need to do is stand in the presence of this volcano surrounded by lush meadows to be blown away (hopefully not literally) by nature’s grandeur.

  • Peel and stick embroidered patch (NO iron or sewing necessary)

  • Machine washable

  • Dimensions: 3x2”

*A portion of the proceeds are donated to a local nonprofit in Washington and to the artist that designed this patch, scroll down for more details on your impact - #givewhereyougo

Where your money goes

We donate 1% of each sale to nonprofits that we select and vet. You can read more about our process in the Proceeds and Donations FAQs.


We also share 10% of the sale with the artist that designed each patch (when it is designed by an external artist or designer).


This all means that our impact is not based on our profit margin - it's baked into each sale so you can rest assured your purchase is making a difference. 


Our impact strategy is focused on getting funds to the frontlines of change, to grassroots leaders and organizations that are from the communities they serve. These changemakers are often overlooked by donors despite being incredibly effective at building a better world. Learn more about our impact model and the nonprofits we support.