It's OK to be Gay

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Designed by Bridget Coleman (@bridget_coleman), our Pride line of patches benefits people fleeing persecution based on their sexual orientation and/or gender identity. Bridget’s inspiration for this design:

“This design started out as a doodle almost a year ago when I finally started watching The L Word. Queer media and art have helped me accept and love my sexuality. I grew up thinking maybe it wasn’t ok for me to be gay, although I felt it was ok for others. So this design was self-validating and a reminder to anyone else that needs to hear it, that it’s ok to be gay! Don’t let society, a close-minded community, or any being anywhere tell you otherwise.”

  • Peel and stick embroidered patch (NO iron or sewing necessary)

  • Machine washable

  • Dimensions: 2.5” diameter circle

Our humanitarian patches support communities in crisis, places in the world most don’t travel to.

*A portion of the proceeds are donated to supporting LGBTQ refugees and to the artist that designed this patch, scroll down for more details on your impact - #patcheswithpurpose

Where your money goes

With an increasing number of companies pledging x % of their profits to charity, it can be hard to tell how much impact your purchase is really making. We’d rather things be clear as sunrise on a mountain top, after a long hike with good friends, and some coffee….mmm. What were we talking about again?


  • ~$1 to artists and designers
  • ~$2 to grassroots nonprofits
  • ~$2 materials and manufacturing


The rest of your purchase goes towards everything else that it takes to run a business including office space, fulfillment, storage, labor costs, taxes, etc.


Our impact strategy is focused on getting funds to the frontlines of change, to grassroots leaders and organizations that are from the communities they serve. These changemakers are often overlooked by donors despite being incredibly effective at building a better world. Learn more about our impact model and the nonprofits we support.