Artist Spotlight: Jessica Clifford

Artist Spotlight: Jessica Clifford

Jessica hails from Cornish, NH and was the designer of our first New Hampshire travel patches. Below, she tells us a little more about herself and what inspired her designs.

Today as a full-time artist, I am focused on fine arts, digital art, graphic design, and motion graphics.

I love art that is displayed in the natural world. Being out in nature inspires my designs so I often include elements of nature in my work.

When I think of New Hampshire I think of its native wildlife like the white-tailed deer and the White Mountains. Each of my NH patches are inspired and created from memories of many miles on hiking trails hiking the NH48 and camping adventures with my family.

Deer NH
NH White Mountains

The NH AMC Chapter is my favorite nonprofit because of my love of the outdoors and the respect that they promote for the environment in this special state I call home.

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